Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Railway Workshops in Remedios de Escalada (an interactive image)

On 26th October 1901 the Remedios de Escalada railway workshops opened. A year later the railway station was inaugurated and simply called “Villa Talleres” (Workshop Village). Much later, in 1923, Villa Talleres was renamed as “Remedios de Escalada” to pay homage to General José de San Martin’s wife.
Talleres Ferroviarios de Remedios de Escalada

Why did I choose this photo? Why did I pick out this historical building located in this particular city?

I’ve been working at two state secondary schools in this city for about 16 years. Most of these students have always lived in this city. Some of them come from families that have always worked for the railway company.

Yet none of them seem to know a thing about the history of this railway city. They don’t know how the history of the Argentinian railway network and the development of this city are closely related to British history.

I believe that a better understanding of your own historical background will enable you to make more informed decisions in your own life.

Click on The Railway Workshops in Remedios de Escalada and you'll see the interactive image on thinglink.

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