Saturday, January 19, 2013

My introduction

This is my introduction. I decided to try out xtranormal, a tool I didn't know. So by creating this video I learnt (or at least I think I did) how to use this tool.


  1. Hello, Max
    I shared your introduction with a woman in Australia, Emily Purser, who is in my other MOOC from Edinburgh, Scotland. (A coursera MOOC.) She is in the field of linguistics. I believe that she's taught in Germany and China. I know that she's involved in research, perhaps her dissertation.
    Hope that you can make a connection!

    1. Hi Laurie!

      Thanks for reading my post and helping me get connected with other learners.

      This is one of my objectives: to get to know other professionals doing research into the fields of Linguistics and Teacher Cognition.

      Hope to get news from Emily soon.

      Keep me posted, pls.

  2. Hi Max - took me a while to get here, I had trouble getting online last week - but anyway, better late than never I always say..
    So you're in Laurie's other mooc, et, is that right, and not in edc mooc?
    I had a quick look at etmooc and decided I already have far too much to do and don't have time for it just now - hope you're all enjoying it

    Your thesis topic sounds interesting. As part of my PhD thesis I'm currently looking at how teachers across various disciplines (university context) interpret certain keywords, as I believe it has a great influence on their pedagogy. A few details of stuff I've done before are here if you're interested (though it's a bit out of date)

    happy to discuss this kind of stuff any time -
    best wishes,
    - Emily

    1. Hi Emily. Thanks for writing to me. Yes, you’re right. I’m doing #etmooc. I’ve just had a quick look at your profile. It’s AWESOME. All the things you’ve done…

      Thanks for your interest in my work. Our thesis (my partner and I were allowed to work in pair because we had to triangulate data) is to be submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of “Licenciado en Inglés” (roughly a BA in English language).

      I don’t know how much Laurie told you about the topic. I’ll tell you about just a few details here. We studied the impact of the teachers’ representations about English language teaching on the curriculum implementation at state secondary schools in Buenos Aires.

      We compared their on-the-spot decision-making procedures with their verbalisations in order to determine whether there was a mismatch between what they think they do and what they actually do in the classroom.

      We applied Appraisal Theory (Jim Martin & Peter White) and the Theory of Representations (Serge Moscovici, Ivana Marková & Alejandro Raiter) to analyse the data and now we’re writing the conclusions.

      Well, this is a very brief summary. I’d like to have a chance to talk over these issues with you whenever you can make.

      Kind regards :)